Why should you consignment products with us?


1st place for consignment of brand name products

Numfonshop stands one story for consignment of brand-name products. There are 2 branches in front of the shop. You can sell products immediately. There is proof of consignment for sale to customers. Take care of the products in perfect condition until they can be sold. If not sold out customers can get back In the same condition as being deposited from the first day

Variety of sales channels, sell instantly, get paid right away When customers bring brand-name products to sell with us The shop has a variety of online media channels for distribution. It will be convenient to sell with the storefront. or if you live in other provinces able to send goods for sale by mail Every piece is well taken care of. product cover And maintain the privacy of the owner of the product. Sell immediately, transfer money to the next morning immediately

You can be confident, update the sales status all the time. Please sell brand name products with us. No worries about keeping the products. We have updated to see that it is available for sale in front of the actual store. and available through online channels Can see the movement of the product, there is evidence and when inquiring or want to trade We will notify the owner of the product to be informed. Sell with us. Feel relieved. The product sells quickly. **For the consignment rate, you can contact us with the store.

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